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Blue Stairway


September 2020

What is it? 

Discussion group open to anyone in the Four Rivers region that wants to move beyond sound bites and discuss with others from different backgrounds how our community can take steps to effect change on this difficult issue. Not only will we explore the history of racial issues within the United States and how that's created current manifestations of an inequitable system, but we will also look at the ways people of faith are acting to affect change and to love all unconditionally. 


Using Greg Boyd’s messages from Woodland Hills Church as a basis for discussion, we'll gather every other week via Zoom to discuss. Greg Boyd has been a Pastor, community leader and author for several decades in St. Paul, MN and in the wake of George Floyd's murder and the ensuing protests, Boyd and the Woodland Hills Church stepped into the fray to make peace and further racial reconcliation in their community.

Beginning May 31, these messages are an on-the-ground report of their attempts to be faithful to what Jesus has called them to be in their community.  All messages can be found here -

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